It’s Spring Time.

April is here!  Longer and warmer days are just around the corner.  Time to start getting out of the house again from the long cold winter months.  And with that comes all of those house projects that you have been putting off for months!  Spring is a great time to tackle projects such as masonry repairs, power washing, and landscaping.  Over the next few weeks we will be posting different spring projects, and how Dibico Home Maintenance, might be able to help you with your project so you can enjoy your spring, instead working on maintenance.  Dibico Home Maintenance is…Living Made Easy!


Masonry Cleaning & Repairs:

Cold weather, ice melt, and snow does a number on your home’s masonry.  Now is the best time to repair the loose belgian block or cobblestone left behind by the snowplow.  Loose and broken mortar joints on terraces, walkways, or pool coping should be repaired now before spring rains further deteriorate the existing conditions and cause additional damage.  Or possibly it’s not repairs you are looking for, but rather a new masonry project all together.  Plan your new bluestone terrace, or built-in BBQ project now, so you can enjoy it this summer!  Our Home Maintenance masons can help guide you through any needed repairs, or new project.  Let us know how we can help!


Power washing:

Your home’s siding, exterior trim, and fencing all takes a beating in our New England weather.  Once mold and mildew appears, it can spread quickly.  This creates not only unsightly staining to your structures, but also shortens the life of the wood used in each application.  Annual washing of these areas cleans and destroys the spores, and also helps prevent new mold from forming.


Window Cleaning:

What’s the sense of spending all that money on the exterior of your home if your windows are too dirty to see out of???  Everyone loves the flowers blooming and the green leaves that spring provides.  The problem is that with all of this, pollen tends to collect on your home’s windows and sills.  Late in the spring, after the power washing is completed, is a perfect time to clean your home’s windows.  We offer window washing services that will clean inside and out, and inspect for any breaks in caulking or flashing which may lead to future problems.


Landscape Clean Ups: 

Spring clean ups are needed throughout your property to ensure green luscious lawns, and planting beds full of brightly colored flowers.  Use the weeks of early spring to rake out all the dead grass in the lawn, edge all your planting beds, and add a dark all-natural mulch to really make all the colors of spring stand out.  And to add some of the season in to your home, ask Dibico Home Concierge to deliver some freshly cut flowers to your favorite kitchen or foyer vase.


Declutter and organize:

We all try to get the last little bit out of the nice weather each fall.  With that comes rushing to store outdoor furniture, sports gear, and pool toys.  Once spring rolls around, it overwhelming to see the forgotten mess you left behind!  Spring is a great time to go through those storage areas in your garage, shed, or pool house.  Create some additional storage space so you can maximize the always needed space.  Dibico Home Maintenance can help you with this.  Not only creating new space, but also help consolidate all the storage units and bins that have piled up.


Landscape lighting:

The beautiful landscape lighting that illuminated walkways, terraces, and pool areas have been buried under layers of snow and ice for months.  Early spring is a great time to re-direct all the fixtures, change light bulbs, and clean the lenses to make sure your first outdoor event of the spring is lit properly!  Dibico Home Maintenance has our own in house electrician to help with all of these needs.  Please let us know how we can help!