4 Tips When Buying Your First Luxury Home

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Are you in the process of buying your first luxury home? Do you know the questions to ask to ensure that you buy the right home? Do you know the questions to ask once it’s yours? At Dibico, our hope is for all of our clients to have the most magnificent living space and for it to be the home of many magic moments and a lifetime of happiness. We’ve gathered some points to consider when buying your first luxury home that will set you up for success in your new home and for years to come. 

Ask for the Home Maintenance and Renovation History

We can’t stress enough how important it is to ask for a home’s maintenance log and full history. Ensuring that the home you are about to buy has been well taken care of prior to your purchase will save you a lot of stress and money down the road. It will also give you a sense of what may need some TLC sooner than later. Understanding what changes were made to the property and when – including any permitting information, materials that were used, etc. can be a huge asset as your family’s needs evolve and you consider renovations or additions of your own.

At Dibico, we provide all of our Home Management clients with an extensive maintenance log that details all of the work we’ve done for them and the date it was completed. This not only helps with the upkeep of their home but also helps them sell the property when the time comes. We also provide full transparency on all remodels and additions so you have access to the information you need about your home.

Build a List of Trusted Service Providers or Hire a Home Management Firm

Once you’ve found the right house for you (or really even before) we highly recommend starting to build a local list of vendors for the everyday upkeep, maintenance and repair needs for your new home and property. Identifying and vetting companies prior to moving into your home will help you prepare for any work that needs to be done prior to moving in, settle in faster and give you peace of mind.

If you’re in the Greenwich or Fairfield area, our Home Management program for maintenance, repairs, renovations, and services ensures there is no need to build this list. As luxury home builders, we have an in-house team and an arsenal of subcontractors that can execute your vision down to every detail.

Consult with a Designer Before Doing Any Renovations

Some people have a clear vision for their homes – with a folder full of example photos and a strong sense of what they want. We suggest that unless you have a clear vision and plan for your home overall, consulting with a professional designer can not only help you to create a design plan that you can be really excited about, but can even save you money by making sure that you aren’t doing work now that will need to be undone later when full plans are done.

If you aren’t doing any renovations prior to move-in, we also recommend that before making any final decisions that you and your family live in the house for a while and get a sense of the flow, the space, the light and other subtleties that can only be discovered over time.

We have relationships with fantastic designers that we are happy to connect you with that can help to create a clear path from where you are to the house of your dreams.

Prioritize Renovations for Before and After You Move In

Once you have a vision, it’s important to prioritize your renovations. You’ll want to make a list of your priorities, and then figure out how to proceed with renovating each area. Ask yourself: What renovations do we need to do before moving into the home? Think about things like child safety, pets, security, closet space, fencing and other updates that may be required before the house is ready for your family.

After that, which renovations are a priority for you to get done within the first year of owning your home? Which ones are you okay with putting off until the right time comes? What renovations do you know you want to do, but are waiting for the kids to move out or to have more time to focus on?

We wish you all the best in finding and moving into your new home and hope this piece has been helpful and insightful on what all you should be thinking about throughout this exciting process.

If you live in the Fairfield or Westchester area, don’t wait to make a plan for the management of your new home. Let us help you navigate through all of the phases of luxury home ownership, contact us at Dibico today.

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