Bathroom Renovations in Westchester County

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As one of the smallest spaces in your home, your bathroom may not rank very high on your list of priorities. To stay comfortable and happy in your home, however, your bathroom should receive as much attention as any other area of your house. 

You may want to change your bathroom because it’s outdated, too small, or just doesn’t fit your vision for your home. Whatever the reason, a bathroom renovation can offer extravagance and comfort in the place you start and end your day.

With these tips, see how you can best improve your day-to-day with a luxury bathroom renovation in Westchester County.

1. Preparation

The key to any successful renovation is planning and preparation. As you begin your project, start by finding a licensed contractor who can complete your bathroom renovation in Westchester County. You’re trusting this person and company with your home, so carefully research and verify your contractor before hiring. Once you’ve found a contractor, work with them to set a budget. This amount should meet your financial requirements and cover the cost of your desired renovation. No remodel is worth more than you can afford, so only work with contractors who respect your budget and work within it.

2. Design

Once your budget is in place, you can create a design that fits your luxury lifestyle and needs. As you decide on your new look, focus first on the room’s functionality and comfort. You want a bathroom you can be comfortable in, so design practically first and then consider the room’s appearance. Resources such as Houzz or Pinterest can inspire the choices you make as you find a luxury style for your new bathroom.

You will likely use your bathroom daily, so design a Westchester County bathroom renovation that meets both current and future needs. If you plan to stay in your home for less than five years, keep your remodel conservative to better appeal to future potential buyers. If you’re in a long-term home, however, feel free to personalize your bathroom’s design. Lastly, as you plan your bathroom renovation in Westchester County and consider your design, feel free to ask your contractor for advice. Your bathroom’s size, plumbing, and location, as well as the cost of your options, may restrict your design. With your contractor’s expertise, however, you can determine the best options.

3. Fixtures

Once you’ve finalized your design, consult with your contractor to choose the bathroom fixtures that will best suit your needs and design. As you choose your luxury bathroom fixtures, it’s important to find options that are in your budget and practical for your use. Keep these tips in mind as you shop:


First, decide if you’d rather have a bathtub, shower, or both. The available space in your remodeled bathroom may determine your choices, but it can also affect the size of your tub and shower. Once you’ve worked with your contractor to determine placement and size parameters, move on to your luxury options. Decide on the style of your tub. Choose your ideal faucets and/or shower heads. Find the option that will pamper you best.


Your toilet’s placement is one of the most important design points to consider in your Westchester County bathroom renovation. You don’t want to the toilet to be the first thing you see on entering your bathroom, so work with your contractor to find the best location.


With beauty and hygiene products, linens, and accessories being housed in your bathroom, you need adequate storage space. Under-vanity cabinets, closets, and medicine cabinets are traditional and useful options. You can also use carefully placed furniture for additional storage space without cluttering the room. Your luxury bathroom renovation in Westchester County is your chance to completely personalize your bathroom. You may not renovate again, so explore all of your options.


When you’re in your bathroom, you’ll likely spend most of your time at your vanity. Your luxury vanity and sink combination should give you enough space to stretch out and be comfortable without blocking the room’s flow. As you design, your contractor can help you find the right size, location, and materials to fit your budget and bathroom needs.

If you have room in your budget, high-quality, luxury fixtures are the best place to use your leftover funds. You can upgrade your shower to include two shower heads for more comfortable showering. Or, improve your overall experience with geothermal heated water. Double vanities can offer more space and lend a visual luxury to your bathroom. You may even be able to add natural light with a skylight, manipulate the room’s layout, or increase your bathroom’s size. As always, your contractor can advise what’s best, so rely on their experience.

Your beautiful home deserves a bathroom that fits its luxury, so let best-in-class workmanship give you the Westchester County bathroom renovation that you deserve.

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