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Ah, summer. The season of sunshine, swimming, and outdoor barbecues. As this season quickly approaches, are you looking to up your outdoor cooking game? To help you choose the right outdoor kitchen, we’ve put together some ideas and things to consider before starting your project. Use these tips to make sure you redesign or create an outdoor cooking/eating area that is perfect for your home. 

The Grill


When designing your outdoor kitchen area, you want to begin with the heart of any outdoor kitchen — the grill. There’s no sense in investing in a beautiful outdoor island and patio, just to go cheap on the grill. As you design and build your kitchen bar, take the time to find the right grill for you. If you’re unsure about choosing the best grill for your needs, ConsumerReports.org has some great information on finding the right grill, including reviews.



Once you have your grill picked out, it’s time to think about your countertops. Think about what you will be using the countertop for. Do you want people to be able to eat on the counter? If so, how many people? Do you want to be able to prepare food on the counter and put out trays for serving? Counter space is important, so if you have enough space in your yard, make sure your countertop is as long or wide as it needs to be.

Dibico Living Made Easy Tip: When selecting the material and color of the countertop, avoid darker colors if possible. Your countertops will often be in direct sunlight and dark countertops can quickly absorb heat, getting quite hot in the summer sun.


Speaking of space, be sure to get a large sink. You won’t regret it. Outdoor cooking can often involves large groups of people and large platters or trays. When you’re cooking for a crowd, you’ll appreciate the ability to rinse and wash in the outdoor sink.

Outdoor Cooking Area

When looking at flooring, make sure to think about the potential wear and tear. As part of your outdoor cooking area, you’ll be doing lots of grilling and cooking above that floor. This means grease and stains from cooking, plus exposure to outdoor elements, such as rain, wind, and heat. Get something that won’t show every little stain and has good traction. After all, you don’t want to slip while carrying a big rack of ribs!

Final Thoughts

Although some outdoor kitchen structures appear simple to construct, remember that gas and electric lines should still be installed and maintained by a professional when creating an outdoor grilling area.

To help you get started on your outdoor kitchen, we have put together an ideabook of some interesting outdoor grill designs. And, once you have your grill up and running, be sure to come back for these 41 top-rated grill recipes.

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