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The high-end real estate market in Greenwich is more competitive than ever, with the average home over $5 million dollars being listed for more than 300 days. Many of the homes go on and off the market anywhere from two to nine times before they sell! We created our House-Lift program to be a secret weapon for homeowners and realtors to use to sell their multi-million-dollar home. The House-Lift is essentially a top to bottom ‘face-lift,” exclusively designed for homes valued at over $5 million in Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Learn about the benefits of investing in our House-Lift program and exactly what it entails.

What a House-Lift Entails

In order to achieve the full benefit of the Dibico House-Lift program, we’ve determined the baseline critical elements that are required to get a luxury home ready for market. This includes a full detailed house inspection, fresh paint applied to all interior surfaces of the home, all hardwood flooring screened and top coated, all tile surfaces and stone countertops cleaned and sealed and the inclusion of our deluxe Dibico Home Maintenance Package. Lastly, a complete interior house cleaning will be done from top to bottom in preparation to sell.

Financial Benefits of a House-Lift

The benefits of the Dibico House-Lift are extensive – from the return on investment in the sale price to the amount of time your home spends on the market, our House-Lift gives you a competitive edge.

Today’s luxury real estate market prioritizes move-in ready homes. Nothing makes a home move-in ready like a Dibico House-Lift, allowing you to maximize the value and asking price of your home. Our House-Lift program has been proven to increase the value of multi-million dollar homes by as much as 10% with the ROI being ten times the cost of the program. Increase in value isn’t the only major advantage. In a market where the average sales cycle for a high-end home was 319 days, a House-Lift is a game changer. Realtors have reported multiple offers and sales in as little as one-tenth of the time as a direct result of the Dibico House-Lift.

A Seller’s Worst Nightmare – A Negative Home Inspection

More deals fall apart due to the results of the buyer’s home inspection prior to closing than most sellers would imagine. Nothing is a sellers’ worse enemy than their unwillingness to invest in the sale of their home. Todays’ multi-million-dollar home buyer expects a turn-key experience, and it’s your responsibility as a seller to provide it. Even the best realtor is limited when selling a home that is dated and/or in need of repair. The Dibico House-Lift can protect a pending sale from negative home inspections that result in costly repairs, delays, last-minute concessions and even the loss of the sale.

During our detailed home inspection, Dibico will identify any potential defects, and offer you the opportunity to remedy them — leaving the home inspector with little, if anything, to report to your potential buyer. Of course, we can’t guarantee that all of our House-Lifts will have the same results – every home is different – location, amenities, and other factors affect the sales price and length of time on the market. What we can guarantee, is that your home will have the best possible chance of success for a faster sale at a higher price.

To schedule your Dibico House-Lift, call us at (844) 434-2426 or email us at info@dibicoinc.com.

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