Top 10 Qualities of Home Builders in Westchester County

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When you hire a home builder, you place your trust, dreams, and finances into their hands. Building, renovating, or improving a home can be a costly experience in more ways than one, especially if you are less than pleased with the result. 

There are dozens of home builders in Westchester County and choosing the right one can be overwhelming and difficult. There’s no magic formula for hiring your Westchester County home builder, but there are attributes you should look for when hiring.

To get the best home building experience you can, look for these top 10 qualities of home builders in Westchester County.

1. Experience

While credentials are important, nothing means more than experience when it comes to home building. Experience is the best teacher, so the more successful projects your home builder has completed, the more knowledge they have for your project. Home builders with greater experience have a greater web of resources and contacts, especially if their experience is local, which gives you access to better products and prices. When meeting with your contractor, be sure to ask for references and examples of previous projects.

2. Licensing

A valid license is the first thing you should look for when hiring a home builder. To be licensed, contractors have to pass a background check and prove financial responsibility and insurance. They also have to resolve consumer complaints and operate legally to keep their license. If you do hire an unlicensed contractor, you face high risks and little recourse if you experience issues. To avoid this, check for licensed Westchester County home builders here.

3. Respect

In a home building project, you place much of the project’s control in your contractor’s hands. Because of this, it’s important to find a home builder who shows you the proper respect. Make sure you are heard about any and everything from design to concerns. No matter what it is, nothing is too trivial or unimportant. If there are any issues, you should be satisfied with the resolution. You are paying your contractor a lot to give you your dream home, so find a home builder you get along with. Just remember, respect goes both ways, so always stay kind and courteous.

4. Organization

You can tell a lot about a contractor by the way they organize their time and business. Are your meetings professional and on-time? Are your phone calls answered and returned promptly? During your first meetings, ask about scheduling, workflow, and project monitoring. Get a solid schedule for your project and make sure it offers a realistic timeframe.

5. Communication

The only way your project will be successfully completed is through open communication. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions and offer your criticisms when appropriate. Problems are bound to arise, so make sure you have a way to contact your builder at any time. As long as your communication is reasonable and appropriate, your contractor should be happy to talk with you. Be wary of anyone who isn’t.

6. Preparation

Planning and scheduling are the foundation of a successful project. As you move forward with your project, make sure you receive a detailed and complete plan. This should include blueprints, a date-by-date schedule of the process, and a plan for the construction work. The more organized details they can offer, the better.

7. Honesty

Open communication is important, but only if it’s honest. Your Westchester County home builder should be transparent about prices, timing, issues, and progress. This is especially important if changes or delays are required for any reason. No matter the issue, your home builder should tell you immediately.

8. Clean records

You should check for your contractor’s license, but you should also verify their spotless record. Westchester County keeps a list of all renegade renovators to help consumers avoid bad experiences. With this list and a search for any judgments or liens against a specific home builder, you can be sure to find the best option.

9. Reputation

If your Westchester County home builder has an adequate amount of experience, they will also have a trustworthy reputation. Both past clients and employees/subcontractors are the best sources for this information. See how happy people are with their homes and experiences. Ask employees about the home builder’s practices and treatment. If you hear about bad experiences, however, be sure to bring them up with your contractor. There are two sides to every story and you don’t want to misjudge them on faulty information.

10. A personal touch

A contractor with too many projects at the same time won’t be able to offer you the attention and care you deserve. Instead, look for someone with only one or two projects in progress at once. These home builders will be able to personally oversee your project and meet with you about any concerns. You are worth the time they give to you, so don’t settle for anything less.

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